Side Planting Containers



I saw these really cool videos on side planting containers at  It thought these were just gorgeous and brilliant but of course my tightwad self could not pay that much for a planter.


I set out to experiment with side planting containers and see if I could make one out the containers I had dumpster dived while they were finishing our subdivision.


I used a large tree container for my first side planting container.  I proceeded to cut a bunch of holes in the side. I used a drill to drill a hole to start it and then used the jigsaw to cut out the holes.

This is what I ended up with.




Then I started on the bottom and put a layer of soil, then a layer of plants, another layer of soil etc.



Until this is what I had in the end. Now I am the first to admit this wasn’t the most pretty thing. I planted in the end of July and just used leftover plants I had around.


Here is how it looked after two months. I can’t believe how it filled out! I am going to look for several stools at yard sales so that next year I can put several of these along the front of my house where I can’t plant in the ground.  I can’t imagine how pretty they would be if I had an entire season of growing them!

If you click on the picture you can get a much better view of my first side container planter.




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