How to Start Seeds Indoors For Your Garden

This year I am a little late in getting my seeds started for my garden. I thought I would share a few ways on how to start seeds for you garden. I use just about anything that will hold dirt to start seeds. The kitchen is the best place to find conatiners with egg cartons,

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Side Planting Containers

I saw these really cool videos on side planting containers at It thought these were just gorgeous and brilliant but of course my tightwad self could not pay that much for a planter.

I set out to experiment with

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Saving Flower Seeds

saving flower seeds


Saving flower seeds is one of the biggest money savers in your garden. I have been saving seeds for years and it’s very easy. I do it because it’s an easy way to get more plants each year. When I save the seeds I planted this year I know exactly what

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My 2012 Garden

container gardening


This is the first year I’ve really started gardening at this house. Last year we were the first people who had just moved into a new section of our subdivision.

There was nothing! So last year we spent all year hauling compost (I think 12 truck loads

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Window Box Ideas

I love window boxes, the only problem is I can’t have any. So I have to live through others. If you need a couple of window box ideas here are some great ones!

This window box idea is from Martha Stewart and I think it is just brilliant!!

I just love the colors on

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Feed the Soil – not the plants

Feed the Soil – not the plants

by Les Oke


When most people get started with gardening they are usually driven by an urge to follow the conventional wisdom shown on TV or shown in most garden centers.

We are bombarded with ads for this and that miracle fertilizer which will make

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