Side Planting Containers

I saw these really cool videos on side planting containers at It thought these were just gorgeous and brilliant but of course my tightwad self could not pay that much for a planter.

I set out to experiment with

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Tipsy Garden Planter

I first saw this absolutly cool garden planter on Flea Market Gardering’s Facebook page and just FELL IN LOVE!!!! (if you haven’t checked out Flea Market Gardening be sure to check it out!)

Of course I collect galvanized buckets and went outside right away to make sure I had all the

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Pallets And Garden Furniture

I love pallets. I just can’t resist the free “good” wood! I thought I would share some garden furniture and building project ideas using pallets.

Here’s a pallet planter from Todays Nest. Isn’t this a cute pallet table?

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Homemade Watering Can

Homemade Watering Can


A Homemade Watering Can is a breeze to make with things you already have at home.

For mine, I used an old laundry detergent bottle. You can use a milk jug and it will work well, too*.

To make a Homemade Watering Can

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