How long after using Roundup can I plant?


From: Tiffany
I recently bought a house in Chicago, and I am so excited to have a small yard for gardening. I want to plant a vegetable garden, but I know the previous owners used RoundUp-type sprays to kill weeds in the yard. How long should I wait to plant my garden so it will be safe to eat? Will planting in a raised bed help? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? I haven’t been able to find any information on this, so any help would be much appreciated.

Roundup is one of my favorite weed killers.  It’s quick and easy to apply. The trick with Roundup is that whatever it touches it will kill.

You have to be careful about what you spray it on. It works by landing on the foliage then it is processed by the plant and kills it clear down to the root but DOES NOT sterilize the soil. That means you can still plant things there.

Here are a couple of guidelines to using Roundup.

1- Remember that the green leaves of part of a plant that it is sprayed on will die. So be careful where you spray it and use it on a calm day without wind. It also works best on a warm day.

2- Give it at least an hour to dry before rain.

3- If you want to kill something that is around other plants you want keep, cover the plants you want to keep and then spray the weed. I just use an old pot and put it over the top of the plant.

After the weeds are gone how soon can you plant after using Roundup?

All ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs may be planted one day after application. Lawn grasses, herbs, vegetables and fruit may be planted 3 days after application.  That’s it.

It sounds like it’s been awhile since the former owners used it so feel free to plant anything you like.

You can make raised beds but they aren’t needed.




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