Paint flower pots for container gardening


painted pots


Did you know that you can paint flower pots to use for container gardening?

To paint flower pots:

Find a spray paint that can be used on plastic flower pots

1. Wash plastic pot throughly and dry. Make sure they are dry!

2. Then spray on a coat of primer. Let dry.

3. Brush or spray on your final color. You may need to do several coats to get full coverage. Let dry.

4. If desired you can stencil on a pattern with another color after you base coat is dry.



If you are painting terra cotta flower pots will you need to seal with a waterproof sealer before you paint the flower pot on  the outside.

Be sure to bring pots indoors during the winter for paint to last the longest.



Here are some ideas to get your creative container garden juices flowing!

These from hgtv and very elegant and frankly I would never have the patience to do this myself but love the look!


These blue painted pots from Martha Stewart are simply stunning!




Here are some painted pots with chalkboard from Martha Stewart. Now am I the only one who thinks “what a dumb idea?” They are very pretty but after you water the chalk writing will just wash away. So maybe if you make these use white paint instead.


Polka Dot Pots

Amy from Positively Splendid made these addorable pots. She has a great tutorial on how to do them!


And here are the same pots in their before state.


These rustic painted pots from Pinterest* are some of  my favorites.  All you would need to do is to simply paint and then sand some of the paint off.




 *I tried but could not find a source for these. If you know the source please let me know so we can credit them.

photo by: AForestFrolic



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