Tipsy Garden Planter


I first saw this absolutly cool garden planter on Flea Market Gardering’s Facebook page and just FELL IN LOVE!!!!  (if you haven’t checked out Flea Market Gardening be sure to check it out!)

Of course I collect galvanized buckets and went outside right away to make sure I had all the buckets I needed and of course I do!!

This  one is from Annie Steen Pondside Primitives.



Here is how she had it before it was planted.



This Tipsy Garden Planter is from Jeanne Sammons.


Tipsy Bucket Planter


Here is mine and how I got it set up.

First I put a galvanized tub on the bottom that had the bottom rusted out.


We put a starter hole in the ground to put the pipe in, then pounded in the pipe about 18 inches- 2 feet into the ground.

I used is a 1″ electric conduit steel pipe that I got for free from my cousin-in-law (Thanks Tim!) who is a contractor and of course always throwing out all kinds of great useful stuff!

I drilled holes in the buckets, ran a pipe through the bottom tub into the ground and stacked the buckets. The buckets are leaning against the center rod.

Of course make sure your buckets are at an angle and not completely tipping or your soil and plants will fall out.


This is how my planter turned out.  I put bad soil in at first and then had to take out the plants that were dying and replant it. Now that it’s finally taking off and I love looking at it out my kitchen window. It will be gorgeous next year next to the white fence when we get it up.







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