Homemade Watering Can


Homemade Watering Can


A Homemade Watering Can is a breeze to make with things you already have at home.

For mine, I used an old laundry detergent bottle. You can use a milk jug and it will work well, too*.


To make a Homemade Watering Can


1. Rinse out the laundry bottle. (of course you did already rinse it to get the last bit out and put it in your washing machine right? 🙂

2. Drill a larger air hole on the side by the handle so the water will flow freely. See the hole on the top of the handle?

Watering Can

3. Drill several small holes in the top.


Fill with water and you are set to go! –a watering can for just pennies!


*When Astra at A journey to a dream  made a hers out of a milk jug she just used a needle, heated it up and stuck it through the top.



12 comments to Homemade Watering Can

  • JUJU

    So adorable!! I have asked my teenage son to make one for each of his grandmothers.

  • laura

    that’s awesome!!

  • Wyneta Miller

    It reminds me of the bottles grandma used to sprinkle clothes.

  • Sandi P

    My mother had a cork with a spray head on it to put into glass Coke bottles for sprinkling the clothes to iron. I think this will actually work better because you won’t need to shake it so much since it has the side hole to let air in.

  • Dorothy

    Love this!!! I always try to re-use everything I can. Whay a great idea.

  • Cindy

    This is a cute idea, but I just use a jug without a spray head and pour the water directly onto the soil in a planter. Is it better for the plants to get water sprinkled on them?
    Also – we keep our recyclables in the garage, which is quite a distance from the house. When I have a large enough container to take down I fill it with water for the planter near the garage and dump the water in the planter, then dump the container in the recycling box. I think laziness (as well as frugality) is the mother of invention!

    • It’s not always better for the plant leaves to have water on usually it’s best not to get them but for seedlings I like to get everything sprinkled. In the picture I didn’t have any seedlings so my johnny jump ups had to do. :-0

  • Sheri

    Simple, cute and such a good recycle project! If you can cut out a 1 quart yoghurt lid into a flower, perhaps you can put that on the bottle before you screw on the top? I don’t know if it would work, but it sounds cute to me!

  • Deb Vaughn

    This article made me smile! My hubby bought a plastic watering can at Lowe’s and was so proud because he thought it didn’t dribble (It always dribbled on me). Anyway, today the sprinkler end got caught in the garage door and is now, hmmmmm, a bit, deformed shall we say! Think I will make him a free one! lol

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