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How long after using Roundup can I plant?

From: TiffanyI recently bought a house in Chicago, and I am so excited to have a small yard for gardening. I want to plant a vegetable garden, but I know the previous owners used RoundUp-type sprays to kill weeds in the yard. How long should I wait to plant my garden so it will

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The Value of Mulching your Garden


Les Oke

In most gardens you might see in your area it is very doubtful any of them will be laid out with mulch between the plants. Most likely you will see widely spaced rows of vegetables designed most likely to accommodate a roto-tiller between

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Homemade hummingbird nectar recipe

Make your own hummingbird nectar

Did you know you can make your own hummingbird nectar. It’s quick easy and you can save tons of money by using ingredients you already have at home! For pennies you can be having the hummingbirds outside your window everyday!

Replace the hummingbird nectar 1-2 weeks to keep

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Homemade Watering Can

Homemade Watering Can


A Homemade Watering Can is a breeze to make with things you already have at home.

For mine, I used an old laundry detergent bottle. You can use a milk jug and it will work well, too*.

To make a Homemade Watering Can

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Window Box Ideas

I love window boxes, the only problem is I can’t have any. So I have to live through others. If you need a couple of window box ideas here are some great ones!

This window box idea is from Martha Stewart and I think it is just brilliant!!

I just love the colors on

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Feed the Soil – not the plants

Feed the Soil – not the plants

by Les Oke


When most people get started with gardening they are usually driven by an urge to follow the conventional wisdom shown on TV or shown in most garden centers.

We are bombarded with ads for this and that miracle fertilizer which will make

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Paint flower pots for container gardening

painted pots

Did you know that you can paint flower pots to use for container gardening?

To paint flower pots:

Find a spray paint that can be used on plastic flower pots

1. Wash plastic pot throughly and dry. Make sure they

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What to put in a compost pile

What to put in a compost pile.

“What to put in a compost pile” is a questions I often get. Here is a list of things I put in my compost pile. Most people don’t realize how many different things you can put in a compost pile.

I collect enough that I usually take 1 large bowl out

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